Sunday, September 2, 2012

New job and glMatrix 2.0

A bit of a life update here, for those that don't follow my Twitter feed there's a couple of things worth bringing up:

First up, I've left Motorola after the project I was working on was shut down. I'm sad to be leaving a truly great team, but when one door closes another blah blah... So now I'm a Google employee! I've joined the Chrome GPU team, and will working on the WebGL implementation! I officially started on August 27th, so this was my first week. Yes, that makes me a Noogler. :)

Thus far my experience has been that Google is a ridiculously awesome and just a tad bit overwhelming at first. There is a LOT to learn, both in terms of culture and code. Did you know that the Chrome code base is (to use a technical term) frikin' huge? It also take a long time to check out and a really long time to build.  That's going to take some getting used to after all my dallying in insta-refresh web development land.

Speaking of web development, with my new job what's going to happen with my WebGL hobby code? Hopefully not much, although I'll admit that it'll probably slow down a bit while I focus getting up to speed at the job that actually pays me. :) In any case, I will still be doing personal code, but "Building the Game" is taking another break. (Not that I was being terribly speedy with my updates anyway...)

There is at least one project that I'm actively working on, however: I've started on glMatrix 2.0. It's primarily an application of all the bits of feedback that have been given about the original library, along with an effort to clean up and standardize the API based on real-world use patterns that I've seen. It's still a work in progress at the moment, so anyone is welcome to chime in on the code that's been written thus far. I'm not sure when it'll be officially released, but I'm hoping sometime in the next couple of months.

So that's my little catch-up post! Till next time!


  1. I use your library every day. I really appreciate the work you've put into it. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations on the job! Awesome to hear your skill-set being put to work in the right place!

  3. Hey,

    Glad to hear you landed on your feet! I've been reading your blog on and off for a while and have been using your glMatrix class for a long time now. I used to work at BigHugeGames before the whole 38 shutdown. I've been transitioning to HTML5 and WebGL projects and I'm so glad there's someone that can better explain the transition and pitfalls. Please keep it up. I LOVE THIS BLOG!

    A Big Fan,
    James Krut

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