I've gathered together a list of the various demos that I've posted here on TojiCode so that you don't have to go digging for them. Demos are listed chronologically from oldest to newest.

Mini Demos:
These demos aren't terribly impressive, they're mostly about demonstrating a specific technique


  1. What could be the problem when the "Geometry compiled, parsing collision tree..." message stays "forever"?

  2. I assume that you are trying it in Firefox? I've found that Web Workers in Firefox have some arbitrary memory limits that my demo bumps up against. Try adding this to the end of the URL:


    That will lower the tesselation levels, which frees up some memory and allows the demo to finish building.

  3. Why'd you take down the Spore demo?

    1. It was written against a very early version of WebGL, and needed quite a bit of updating to get it working again. Combine that with the fact that it was pretty slow to load and not too impressive visually, and I simply haven't had the motivation or desire to fix it.

  4. Man, does play on WebGL for Firefox OS, would be very nice and a good start to introduce WebGL games in this platform.

  5. hello ,do you know something about id tech 5 texture virtualitation on pc?(compression ,formats, export textures to common formats?) thanks

  6. Hi Brandon,

    Can you tell me is it difficult to embed VR movie into website page? I am new in this territory but I have a customer who would like to put one 3D VR movie on his website.

  7. Brandon does not exist. It is not difficult to embed VR into website. It is same image just slight variation of the image left or right doubled.

  8. The Zelda map doesn't look like a map at all:

    Is there a bug maybe?

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