Sunday, December 2, 2012

I will not be playing your game today

I've always considered myself to be a gamer. I've been fascinated with video games since I was very young and the NES was hot stuff. I would never think to describe myself as a "casual" gamer: I can still headshot you from half way across the map in Team Fortress 2 with ease. I've beaten multiple Final Fantasies, and will fervently argue that VI is the best in the series. I still chuckle if I ever hear someone say "Would you kindly...". I've always wanted to build games, which is why I started teaching myself graphics development in Junior High. Gaming has long been an important part of my life, and is a big part of why I'm in the career I am today. In every sense of the word I am a Gamer with a capitol 'G'!

Except, um... I've been playing a lot more Angry Birds and Cut the Rope lately than Dishonored or Borderlands. Actually, that's pretty much all I've been playing. I feel vaguely guilty about that: it's hard to claim that you're a "hardcore" gamer with a straight face when most of your gaming time is spent slicing fruit instead of shooting aliens. But, at least I've a good excuse! His name is James:

Yes, I've added "Daddy" to my resume. And, for those of you who have kids I don't need to explain that, especially at this age (2 Months) it's a full-time job.