Saturday, August 6, 2011

Getting cozy with GitHub

When I posted my code for the WebGL Rage demo, I was quite surprised at the number of comments that I got requesting that I out the code up at GitHub instead of Google Code. At the time I mentioned that I would do so, but then promptly got caught up in the chaos that accompanies relocating to a new job, and never got around to moving the code. (Sorry about that!)

A nice side effect of the delay, however, is that I've gotten quite comfortable with git in the meantime, since that's what I use at my new job! I'm still probably more of a fan Mercurial due to simplicity of the interface, but I've found myself using git even for hobby projects lately just for consistency. So, yeah, git doesn't seem nearly as scary to me now as it did when you all were first pestering me about it. :)

In any case, I've finally got the Rage code up on GitHub. And as an added bonus I've put the Quake 3 code up there too for easy access! I'll most likely put any future projects I do up on GitHub as well, just for the benefit of having them all in one place.