Friday, July 2, 2010

glMatrix 0.9.4 (1.0 RC1) Released

I've just finished posting a new version of glMatrix (you know, that really fast javascript matrix library?) to Google code. The release number is 0.9.4 but I would like to treat it as a Release Candidate for 1.0.

I get the impression that some people may be disappointed by this release since for me it was more about house cleaning and documentation than any big new features or optimizations. A good deal of the issues I'm getting back for the library now are stylistic preferences, though, that involve restructuring or renaming the functions of the library to work or read a certain way. Some of these items I think are valid and some I feel are more a matter of personal preference, but in all cases I've decided that I would rather:

A) Get the library to a stable state
B) Get unit tests (a personal requirement before I can call the lib version 1.0) and better documentation in place
C) Get the library out to a wider range of developers and gather more feedback

before I make any big structural changes. Please don't consider this to be a rejection of any specific ideas that have been posted, I simply feel that the library structure is "good enough" for the time being and would like to let it mature a bit before shaking things up in a version 2.0.

That said I'd love to get any and all feedback on the library in it's current state so I can officially move it to a 1.0!

Finally, a Big Huge Thank You to everyone who has pitched in so far! Specifically:

jeroom832, Daniel Heres, Julian Walker, Denis Rangel, Aaku Kokko, and Drew Whitehouse

(And I'm terribly sorry if I missed anyone or misspelled any names!)